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Durham Region's business community has been challenged to a Christmas Tree Decoration competition for a great cause! Stroll through the "Trees for Love" and vote for your favourite tree. $100 from each of  entry will go directly to the Super Sophia Project. Learn more about the initiative below.

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The Challenge

Each business will be provided with a lit tree and the task of creating the very best Christmas Tree they can!  From here, they will be judged by all the attendees of Holiday in the Hills, as well as our very own panel of local "Christmas Experts". 

Ultimately this competition has three winners; Voters Choice, Judges Choice and The Super Sophia Project. 

Would you like to participate in the Trees of Love competition?

Email us at

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The Super Sophia Project

The Super Sophia Project was founded as a family initiative to give back and inspire hope for children and their families who are battling cancer. Love Boxes™ are filled by community members with toys, crafts, clothes, gift cards etc. and are gifted to children in hospitals all across the GTA, Durham, and up North. For more information on this great initiative head to

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Who's Participating

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